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wwwXpert's E-Turning Page
Give your customers that cutting-edge "e-turning page" look and feel...while delivering dynamic audio and video content!

Want to take your online business to the next level? if you are ready to crush your competition contact us today! ... The wwwXpert has the mission of giving life to a publication! In a simple ... editors who publish: magazines newspapers - flyers - catalogues - books - corporative and promotional booklets.

In a simple click, readers are invited to browse through the virtual publication in 3D turning page animation software as if they had a real copy of it in front of them, except that this time, the publication is alive and interactive. Readers can flip through the pages and search for information or articles, even consult videos, or listen to the last clip of a song of their favourite artist, in MP3 format, directly from the pages of the publication. They can also click on an advertisement which enticed them and go on the advertiser’s website. The possibilities are infinite! In fact, it’s the new intuitive way to consult documents on the Web and, thanks to Adobe’s Flash technology; WWWXPERT’s DigiBook services are accessible to nearly 98 % of all Internet surfers.

WWWXPERT makes it possible for paper content editors to transform their publications into an online magazines or web brochures and to publish them at low costs. It is a solution which was conceived to meet the needs of editors who publish: magazines newspapers - flyers - catalogues - books - corporative and promotional booklets.

WWWXPERT also offers editors a statistical interface in order to analyze their visitors’ behaviours. The statistics tool can obtain several data elements, including geographical location, visit frequency, which pages each user visited, which links were clicked, time spent to consult each page or a publicity and even if a visit turned into a sale. Therefore, editors can learn more about their visitors’ behaviours and thus adapt their market strategies and notice, in real time, the result of their decisions.

CD Business Card
CD Business Card Sri Lanka
CD Business cards can pack a great deal of information and are an excellent but expensive marketing tool. Each CD business card can contain text, graphics, video and audio in a presentation format that can tell a prospect everything there is to know about your business, or your product or service line. The cards are read by popping them into a CD ROM drive of a computer, where the file is read, opened, and the presentation unfolds. There are few limitations to the amount of information a CD business card can provide. But these types of business cards are not inexpensive, because production requires several stages and the final product costs dollars not pennies like traditional printed paper business cards.